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China Lawyer, Attorney Benjamin Lau

Welcome to one of the leading China business lawyers and Chinese maritime attorney websites under the practice of Benjamin Lau, Attorney at Law. You can trust him as a China lawyer with all the expertise and attention to detail you will need to resolve your legal problems!

China lawyer Benjamin Lau concentrates on Chinese foreign-related business law practice and maritime litigation and arbitration, specializing in the following areas: Foreign Business Litigation and Arbitration, Maritime and Admiralty Litigation, Marine Insurance Claims, Foreign Trade Consultation and Foreign Investment throughout China.

China lawyer Benjamin Lau's educational background and professional experience have proven to be a winning combination, making possible successful resolution of clients' legal problems, as demonstrated by large numbers of cases resolved in his client's favor.

After he graduated as an attorney from the law school at Shanghai Maritime University with honors, he served as shipping manager in one of the biggest China ocean shipping companies with wealthy international trade and transportation experience. He also worked as a China lawyer associate in a preeminent maritime litigation law firm in Shanghai, thereby distinguishing himself as one of the best Chinese business attorneys and maritime lawyers in China.


Chinese Attorney

Since 2005 he has been practicing as a partner of a maritime litigation law firm in Shanghai, China. China lawyer, Mr. Lau takes pride in providing the highest quality legal representation to all his clients. As an experienced China lawyer, he has been successfully navigating the legal intricacies facing each client. As a trusted Chinese attorney, he has been personally handling each client's case with the utmost care and efficiency, and respecting the confidentiality of client information to the fullest extent.

With an extensive background in foreign-related business and China law, attorney Benjamin has expertise to successfully handle the most complex matters,and  win the most difficult cases. He is a China lawyer who can fully appreciate the clients' business, strategic, tactical and practical concerns. In addition, as a professional attorney at law, he has the intellectual strength and sound judgment to bring creative and innovative solutions to the most complex legal issues. Benjamin Lau is a lawyer who prides himself on being able to turn problems into opportunities; he views a challenge as a chance to succeed. As an experienced China lawyer, he firmly believes that the client is the main focus of his China law practice. Every client is guaranteed personal attention and aggressive legal representation from this China lawyer. Mr. Lau is a China lawyer whose reputation is well known for excellence in resolving his clients' legal problems.

My commitment to each of my client's: I will discuss your case with you in full confidence, do my best to obtain for you the maximum compensation, resolve your legal problems, and achieve successful results. I am a China lawyer who just happens to view a challenge as a chance to succeed, and will strive to turn your problems into opportunities. My training as a Chinese attorney at law, ensures that I will be your trusted advisor and strong legal advocate; guarantee you my personal attention and aggressive representation as a China lawyer.